There has never been a more important a time in our nation’s history when we, Americans, must be committed to serving our country; serving the men and women who protect our homeland and communities; and serving our youth. A stronger America requires strong communities, families, and values.

Mission Statement

Serve Who Serve, SWS, is committed to “serving the men and women who have sacrificed to protect our homeland and communities and to seeing the future of our Country, our youth”. SWS, since inception in 2012, has invested in infrastructure projects, sponsored and direct giving and support of our outdoor educational skills development programs.

Serve Who Serve builds communities, families, and values by support and direct giving for programs including:

  • Outdoor Events & Competitions
  • Sports & Music Festivals
  • Tactical Competitions
  • Nature Education Programs
  • Recreational and Therapeutic Programs
  • Community Service Programs
  • Economic Development Programs


Serve Who Serve provides a local and national platform where public and private organizations come together in a unifying force to demonstrate their commitment to communities, families, and values. Participants include:

  • Branches of Armed Forces and Emergency Services
  • Support Organizations for Enlisted and Veteran Service Members
  • Event Production Companies
  • Private Sector Corporations
  • Private and Public K-12 Schools
  • Private and Public Universities
  • Sports and Music Celebrities
  • Scientists and Outdoor Experts

Serve Who Serve Priorities

Along with the programs it supports, Serve Who Serve has three priorities:

  • Families: We provide opportunities for volunteering, entrepreneurial endeavors, and faith-driven service to strengthen commitments and values for serving others and self.
  • Community: We facilitate collaborative partnerships and sustainable initiatives among private-sector businesses and organizations to impact economic development in local communities.
  • Service members: We create engaging and lasting programs and partnerships that increase support and opportunities for our emergency service men and women and their families.

Contact Serve Who Serve

105 CR 114, Burnet, TX 78611

Serve Who Serve has been established under the Highland Lakes Legacy Fund, a family of philanthropic funds administered by the Austin Community Foundation, a Texas non-profit charitable corporation. All donations made to Serve Who Serve are tax deductible.