Serve Who Serve is an ideal partner to reach active, adventurous travelers seeking an authentic Texas Hill Country experience, and to give back to the men and women who serve our community and country.

Serve Who Serve is the foundational charity arm of Reveille Peak Ranch, and utilizes RPR as its host for events, programs, and facilities to fulfill the mission of Serve Who Serve.  Reveille Peak Ranch, a 1,300-acre outdoor adventure, event, and education center, has a full calendar of events attracting over 30,000 annual participants and visitors from across Texas and beyond.  The Ranch offers annual and seasonal memberships for individuals, families, and businesses and hosts a minimum of ten major events per year.  Last year, approximately 10,000 participants visited Reveille Peak Ranch to ride, run, swim, canoe, paddleboard, fish, enjoy nature, and just plain have fun.  Among those were over 1000 emergency services and military personnel who benefitted from RPR’s events and programs designed to serve this audience. This year the Ranch will host high quality events such as Carry The Load, Reveille Call, The Bluebonnet Adventure Fest, Spartan Sprint and Super Texas, and the Battlefrog Series, many of which directly or indirectly benefit Serve Who Serve and their sponsorship partners.

We invite your organization to tap the marketing power of Serve Who Serve and Reveille Peak Ranch by becoming an Official Serve Who Serve Corporate Sponsor. Your fully-integrated package of primary benefits includes:

Corporate RPR Membership.  Enhance the benefits to your employees or consumers by providing them access to the RPR amenities through your annual corporate membership.  At any one time, 4 passes can be utilized for mountain biking, trail running, swimming, fishing, or just enjoying nature in this beautiful, rugged landscape.  Use your membership to appeal to your consumers’ and employees’ spirit of adventure and add value to their relationship with your organization.

Access to Members and Event Attendees.  Serve Who Serve sponsors gain marketing access not only to Serve Who Serve, but also to Reveille Peak Ranch users.  Variously described as “elegantly rustic” and “upscale rugged,” RPR attracts outdoor enthusiasts with a love for the land, and a spirit of adventure and community.  Ranch memberships target users throughout Central Texas.  More importantly, RPR hosts numerous events throughout the year.  These events attract participants well beyond Central Texas.  Events vary in length, with the majority of participants travelling more than 90 miles to the event.

Guaranteed Visibility.  Your organization will be included on the Serve Who Serve, Reveille Peak Ranch, and sometimes additional affiliates’ websites, and can have featured mentions and visibility at Serve Who Serve beneficiary events.   Your company’s profile  will be featured in one monthly newsletter, and appear as part of RPR’s social media efforts as tailored to meet your organization’s needs.

In short, a Serve Who Serve corporate sponsorship offers a platform not only to demonstrate the commitment of your organization to Serving Those Who Serve, but also to drive new business and enhance value for repeat customers.

Please consider this outline as an overview of the potential sponsorship arrangements. There obviously are additional opportunities that can be explored.  We know that once we meet and learn more about your objectives, we can tailor the sponsorship package to your exact goals and priorities.

For more information, please contact Ashley Kamrath: 210-360-9199